Now is the Time to Make Peace with Your Past…

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Come Back to God Who is Love and Mercy

Lent is a good time to reach out for help, hope and healing after abortion. Our doors are open for you. Start your journey of healing today.

The Light is On for You in all Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Arlington every Wednesday night during Lent from 6:30 pm until the last penitent is heard. Isn’t it time you found freedom and peace?

Read Grace of Confession and a New Perspective after Abortion  to learn more about the grace God gives in this healing sacrament.

Interested in talking to a kind and compassionate priest to help you prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation? We can confidentially facilitate arrangements for a referral to a priest who is happy to help.

Please contact us at 888-456-HOPE or to learn more.

Take the first step and call us today. Our trained staff is ready to help you begin your journey with information on the healing process as well as referral to a priest sensitive to your needs and/or a licensed professional counselor. It’s time to make peace with your past.      .


What about abortion? My wounds are deep. Will God forgive me? No sin is bigger than God’s mercy. If you have been involved in abortion in any way, we invite you to come home.  Nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:29).

I’ve confessed this sin many times, but I still don’t feel forgiven…Is there hope for me to be healed? Yes, there is hope to find the healing you seek. Many have walked before you through this pain and suffering and found peace. Healing is a spiritual and psychological journey that takes time. The amount of time it takes is different for each individual person. Speaking with a priest about spiritual concerns and a counselor about psychological issues help you move forward, one day at a time in your journey of healing.

I confessed my abortion 25 years ago. Then Pope Francis came out and said he was giving priests the faculty to forgive abortions. Was my confession all those years ago valid? Please remember that most if not all U.S. bishops have for years granted their priests the faculty to remove the penalty of excommunication if it was incurred. “It is commonly thought that the Church excommunicates all Catholics who have procured a successful abortion. However, in probably a great many cases, mitigating or extenuating circumstances prevent the individual from incurring the censure of excommunication” (USCCB). In other words, if you were given absolution by a priest, your confession is valid. If the priest did not have the faculty to forgive the sin of abortion, he would have been bound to tell you so.

What if I’ve had more than one abortion? Jesus told St. Faustina: “The greater the sinner the greater right he has to my mercy.” God sees your heart and sees you just as you are. God loves you and wants you to be healed.