Words of Encouragement from Retreat Participants

iStock_000018421693Medium_3 women1040x400“It was amazing and very comforting. The setting [retreat] is beautiful, peaceful and allows you to connect spiritually with those sharing this experience. It was a life-changing…”

“… a place to unburden my heart and my soul with a staff who couldn’t do enough to support, guide and love us..!”

“The retreat allowed me to deal with unfinished, unresolved issues from my abortion. The…staff & leaders provided a safe and loving place for me and all of my sisters this weekend.”

“Rachel’s Vineyard [retreat] has helped me to recognize that I am a child of God, no matter what I have done. He loves and forgives me the way I am. I found peace… I am very thankful…”

“The weekend was a very spiritually satisfying event for me. I have never connected with God and Jesus in the same way. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and have never felt more grounded in my faith… Though a sinner in the eyes of men & the Lord, I am now at peace…I am not alone…”

“This retreat is life-giving with the opportunity for hope and peace. It is carefully structured for your personal journey through darkness into light. It will enrich your life and improve your ability to cope with your abortion and the circumstances that led you there…Come to the retreat. Share your experience with others who also regret their choice. Allow the Holy Spirit to renew your spirit so that the “hidden” may emerge…”

“[the retreat is] A necessary thing to do for yourself to free yourself from the bondage of carrying around the burden of guilt and shame. The retreat was peaceful, safe, comforting and freeing. It is truly a transforming experience…It shows you you are not alone…”

“It was very beautiful. Very painful at first but very healing at the end. The ceremonies held to honor our children finally gave me the closure I need. I don’t feel alone anymore, after hearing so many different stories. This retreat is truly a blessing and I wish there were more places like this, to help women heal.”

“Although I obviously know there are others who have had an abortion, it makes it so much more real knowing, hearing and seeing others and their stories…seeing other heal gave me hope for the first time ever that I can heal and be forgiven too.”

“I was apprehensive coming because I had no clue what to expect…I arrived though, feeling very welcomed, comfortable and cared about…For the first time I began to feel a certain calmness and peace within myself.”

“…There was no feeling of being judged, quite the contrary, the feeling was love the entire retreat.”

“Fantastic. A blessing. Unexpected. The retreat program is so well constructed. A very well organized weekend which allows women to embrace their motherhood, their children and thier God. A perfect balance.”

“It was far more helpful and effective than I could have imagined.”

“Do not be afraid, taking the first step is courage. This retreat was amazing and gave me so much strength and helped me heal and get through my grief.”

“Wonderful – Healing – Peaceful - Joyful”